Ruffed Grouse Championship of America
Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin
held at the Gateway Gun Club
                     Hunt Information and Rules
                                     Application Deadline:  September 1
Hunt Registration:  The Hunt will consist of a maximum of 30 Teams with 2 hunters on each Team.
Teams are required to submit applications with notarized waiver forms by the September 1 deadline.  All
hunters must sign a notarized liability waiver form before they will be allowed to participate in the Hunt.  
Applications must be complete to be accepted.  Teams will be selected and notified by September 15th.  
A Participant Hunt Packet will be sent to Team Members upon Team acceptance.  NOTE:  Due to the
tremendous interest in this event, the number of Team applications received exceeds the number of
entries accepted.  Therefore, the application deadline will be strictly adhered to and complete
information (including waivers) will be a strong component in accepting or declining a Team!

Registration Fee:  The cost for each Team is $500.00 ($250.00 per gun).  Half the entry fee is due
upon receipt of application.  Certified checks, money orders or personal checks postdated for
September 1st are accepted.  Make checks payable to Ruffed Grouse Championship of America. Once
the Team is accepted, ½ of the total entry fee ($250.00) becomes NON-REFUNDABLE after October
1st.  The entry fee includes the Friday Sporting Clays, Friday Night Team Reception & Dinner, Saturday
Breakfast, the Hunt - with sack lunch and Team Photo, Saturday Night Banquet & Entertainment.

Licenses:  All hunters must have a current Wisconsin and/or Michigan Hunting License and adhere to
all Wisconsin and/or Michigan Hunting Regulations.

Hunt Times:  The Teams will be allowed to hunt from 10AM until one of the following occurs:  4PM, all 12
shells have been used or 12 birds have been harvested.  Scorekeepers will accompany the birds,
remaining shells and the entire Team back to the check-in area, prior to 5:30PM.  The Team Captain
and the Scorekeeper must accompany the birds to officially record count and weigh-in.

Hunt Sites:  All hunting is to take place on public lands in either Wisconsin and/or Michigan.  The
Committee will designate the public lands that will be available for the Hunt.  Teams must hunt in these
public lands only.  No hunting on private lands or road hunting will be allowed for the Hunt.  Teams doing
either will be subject to immediate disqualification.  Maps of these public lands will be included in your
Participant Hunt Packet.

Scorekeepers:  Each Team will have a non-partisan Scorekeeper randomly drawn at the Saturday
Morning Breakfast Meeting.  Scorekeepers will be responsible for tracking time in the field, shots taken
and the number of grouse /woodcock harvested.  All remaining shells and birds must be tagged and
logged in by the Scorekeeper prior to leaving the field. The Scorekeeper will have the authority to
disqualify any team that does not follow the rules of the Hunt. Scorekeeper’s decisions are final when
made in the field.  Prior to the final weigh-in of the birds, the Committee can review the Scorekeeper’s
decision if brought to a Committee Member by a Team Member that was scored for clarification.  
Scorekeepers are there to document and monitor the Hunt and are not allowed to assist in the retrieving
of birds, blocking or driving of the grouse/woodcock.

Hunt Limit:  Maximum of 3 Ruffed Grouse and 3 Woodcock per Team Member.  No exceptions

Shooting Regulations:  This is a “Fair Chase” hunt and all grouse/woodcock are to be taken in flight
only and not on the ground or perched.  Any hunters firing at a grouse/woodcock on the ground or
perched will be DISQUALIFIED from the Hunt IMMEDIATELY.

Scoring:  For this Hunt, Official Scoring will consist of five (5) points for a Ruffed Grouse and one (1)
point for a Woodcock. No other points will be awarded. Score for the winning Hunt Team will be decided
by a total of points earned.  In the event of a tie, the winning Hunt Team will be determined by first, the
number of remaining shells the Team has and second, the total weight of birds harvested. Be sure to
give any remaining shells to the Scorekeeper at the end of your hunt, so that they can be documented
prior to leaving the field.  If any Team disagrees with their Scorekeeper’s decision or scoring, finish the
Hunt and then the Team must bring up the discrepancy to the Rules Committee at Check-In.  The Rules
Committee will have the final ruling in any discrepancy.

Guns & Shells:  Each member of the Team will be allotted six (6) shells for the Hunt, twelve (12) per
Team.  Team Members may use any LEGAL shotgun shell and gun desired.  Limiting the number of
shells per Team Member will help ensure that shooters take clean shots, thus reducing the number of
wounded birds.  Hunters are NOT allowed to exchange shells between Team Members.  The exception to
this rule is a trapped bird.  Each hunter may shoot only 3 grouse and 3 woodcock.  In the event of a dud
shell, contact your Team Scorekeeper and they will replace the dud shell with a new one.  You must
have the dud shell to prove that it didn’t go off.  Once a hunter has used his/her shells, he/she must quit
hunting.  He/she may continue to walk and drive the grouse/woodcock, but must put their gun back in
their vehicle ASAP.  Violation of any of these rules will result in disqualification of the entire Team from
the competition.

Canine Companions:  Each Team may have one dog in the field at one time.  Additional dogs may
travel to the Hunt location, as long as only one dog is participating in the Hunt at one time.  Dogs will not
be provided by the committee and are not required to be in the Hunt.

Trapped Birds:  If a dog traps a grouse/woodcock, that bird can be added to the kill.  Each trapped bird
is recorded by the Team losing a shell.  If a hunter traps or assists the dog by pouncing on a bird that
was not shot by them, this practice is NOT a legal form of hunting and the Team is DISQUALIFIED from
the hunt IMMEDIATELY.  A “trap” is defined as a bird that was not shot by the Team, but was caught by a

Check-In:  Each Team Captain and their Scorekeeper must check-in their birds at the designated
location by 5:30PM.  At this time the birds will be counted, weighed and officially documented by the
Check-In Committee.  Check-In time will be strictly adhered to and Teams checking in past 5:30PM are
subject to disqualification.  Immediately following Check-In, each Team will be given the opportunity to
have their Team Photo taken with their birds, dogs and Scorekeeper.  At that point, the birds will be the
Team’s property and responsibility.  We will have a location provided for the cleaning of your birds and a
number you can call to have them cleaned for you, at your expense

Awards:  Awards will be given to the FIRST-, SECOND- and THIRD-Place Teams.  All awards to be
presented at the Saturday Night Banquet.  

Hunt Headquarters:  The headquarters for this year’s Hunt will be the Gateway Lodge in Land O’
Lakes, Wisconsin.

RGCA                                                Linda Schulz 906-827-3208
P.O. Box 779                                     John Muir  715-547-3915
Land O'Lakes, WI 54540
Tom Knapp at the
2009 Championship
Mike Schulz owner of the Running Bear
with Tom Knapp
$8000.00 raised for the children of
Land O'Lakes Ice Arena
It has been amazing to watch the Ruffed Grouse Championship of America progress and grow and in
only 4 years become one of the premier controlled, skill hunts of the USA.

The Championship has been featured on National Television, last year we were at our maximum capacity
of 30 participating 2-person teams and for this year country-wide calls come in weekly for more teams
wanting an applications.  We are proud of having raised awareness of the significance of our grouse
population to the ecological well-being of our area, we provide a forum for showcasing the abilities of
hunters with only the highest degree of skill and, most importantly, in those 3 short years during a time of
financial hardship, we have raised over $30,000 for local charities, the U.S. Olympic Shooting Team and
various local and national youth outdoor activities.

In addition, we have a fun-filled day before the Championship that shows the great working relationship
between “man and beast” with the Bird Dog Challenge.  The whole community is welcome (and
encouraged!) to come out and watch these amazing dogs show off their skills.  To see them working so
hard but enjoying themselves so much is quite something.    
6th Annual Ruffed Grouse Championship of America
October 20, 2012
Bird Dog Challenge October 18, 2012                    
USA Shooting Team
2010 Championship