Ice Fishing in the
Western U.P. of Michigan
Running Bear Resort Cabins ~ Paulding MI ~ 8 miles north of Watersmeet and 10 miles south of Bruce Crossing

8 Cabins open year round
An ice fishing excursion can be as simple as drilling a hole in the
ice and dropping in a line while perched on an overturned
bucket. Or it can be an all-day outing complete with an elaborate
ice shanty boasting all the comforts of home. With proper
clothing and equipment, knowing the condition of the ice and
following safety precautions,ice fishing can be a
fun and rewarding experience.

Walleyes will average 2 pounds but can
top 8 or 10 pounds. They are taken on
tip-ups with minnows or by jigging with
lures like Swedish Pimples. The
walleyes gradually move deeper as the
winter progresses.

Cisco Lake gives up some surprisingly
good perch. Yellowbellies topping 13
inches are not uncommon, and 8- to 10-
inch perch are common. Try wigglers in
the 15- to 20-foot depths near the
center of the lake for the most
consistent perch action.

Cisco Lake also produces a consistent
winter fishery for other panfish species
as well. Look for hand-sized bluegills
and sunfish near the eastside islands
and near the outer islands on the
southwest side. Larva works best.
Crappies are becoming increasingly
common, and specks in the 12- to 14-
inch-class are routine. Like most, Cisco’
s slab crappies can’t resist a lively
shiner minnow.
The Running Bear Resort area is known for its outstanding ice fishing
opportunities.  Whether you’re looking to hook walleye, perch, whitefish, lake
trout, northern pike or a variety of pan fish the western upper
peninsula area has you covered!
Cisco Chain of Lakes
20 mintues from the Running Bear
Lake Gogebic
25 minutes from the Running Bear

Paulding Pond
open all year trout
Rainbow and Brown
2 miles from resort

Steusser Lake
northern, crappie, perch, blue gill
7 miles from resort

Tanlund Lake
Pan fish, Pike
5 miles from resort

Beatons Lake
open all year for trout
Lake trout, walleye, panfish, bass
20 miles from resort

County Line Lake
Bluegill, Crappie
6 miles from resort

Duck lake
black crappie, bluegill, northern pike,
pumpkinseed sunfish, rock bass,
smallmouth bass, walleye, yellow perch,
Area Lakes
Surrounding the Running Bear
Resort are numerous lakes, chains
of lakes and record holding lakes
that will satisfy any
ice fisherman

You can have a lake to yourself or
head to one of the bigger lakes
where you can enjoy a shanty town
Lac Vieux Desert is another western U.P.
lake rated as one of the best for ice-
fishing. The 4,300-acre mass straddles
the Michigan/Wisconsin border with about
1,800 acres of it being in Michigan.

The lake is home to record Muskies, but is
also has some very nice walleyes, perch,
pike and crappies. Winter is one of the
best times for a mixed-bag catch.

A hotspot for a smorgasbord is near
Draper, Near and Duck islands. Located
on the east side of the lake, the water
drops quickly from 5 to 20 feet around the
islands, and is a prime area for walleyes,
perch and big northerns. Pike can also be
found cruising the 10- to 20-foot contours
of the main basin.

Tip-ups baited with big shiners, suckers or
dead smelt take the biggest pike. The
dropoff directly off Duck Point is a good
spot for walleyes and jumbo perch. Early
in the season a prime location is off the
public access in Misery Bay. Live bait
works best for walleyes. Some of the
biggest perch are taken on good-sized
shiners intended for ‘eyes.
Lac Vieux Desert
20 minutes from the Running Bear
Lac Vieux Desert gives up some very respectable bluegills and
black crappies, too. The panfish relate heavily to weeds.
Locate weed edges that are still green. The panfish find food
and protection there from the lake’s bounty of predators.
Larva is best for the bluegills. The biggest specks generally
come on minnows, but spikes and wax worms excel at times.
Try off the mouth of Slaughter Bay and Rice Bay.
Running Bear Resort
4593 Old US HWY 45
Paulding Michigan 49912
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